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What is Google Suggest | How to use Google Suggest for Keyword Research

Google Suggest is the feature of Google search. It first appeared in 2007 and later included as core component of Google search.

Google Suggest gives you suggestions about the contents you might be looking for, based on what is popular, as you type your search keyword. This information is beneficial for Digital Marketer as it lists top 4-10 popular search keywords used by users to search products/services in your niche.

A user that is performing the search can click on any keyword from the list and immediately see the search results page. This experience is both fast and convenient.

To start using google suggest go to Chrome browser’s address bar or visit Google and start typing in the search bar. And here is what you will see:

What is google suggest. How to use it. google suggest in address bar of google chrome

Google Suggest in Address Bar of Chrome Browser

What is Google Suggest. How to use google suggest. google suggest in search bar of google

Google Suggest using Search Bar of


Prefer using Chrome Address bar as it provides more suggestions as compared to search bar.

Components of the Google Suggest

There are two components in Google Suggest. One is your seed phrase and other is the Prediction which is Google’s term for auto-completion of suggestions it provides. Seed phrase is what you are typing and is in normal font in the suggestion, and the prediction by Google of what might be useful is in bold in the suggestion.


How to Use Google Suggest for Keyword Research

While all of us have used this feature and most of digital marketers may have used it normally as keyword research method before. But most people do not know how to maximize its potential and get top 4-5 most popular and relevant suggestions. Normal use of Google Suggest reveals only generic, non-specific predictions.

To get more out of Google suggest, use wild card. The underscoreor asterisk * are used as Google suggest wildcard. On using wildcard, Google Suggest shows you only the most popular predictions relevant to your seed phrase.

how to use google suggest for keyword research

Figure A.


how to use google suggest for keyword research

Figure B.


How to use google suggest for keyword research

Figure C.

This is simple way to find 4 relevant popular keywords if using search bar in google and 5 relevant popular keywords if using address bar of Chrome browser.

Importantly, these suggestions are based on cursor placement when you stop typing. In figure A when you stop typing after fat, it suggests you relevant keywords considering fat as most important. Next, in figure B when you go back and delete space between top and and retype it, it suggests you relevant predictions taking top as the most important and gives you top 10, top 5. Lastly, in figure C when you go back and delete space character between and ways and retype it, it takes every first word as most important and gives you variations of it – most popular keywords starting with best, natural, easy. All three examples have the seed phrase in predictions and variations.

Important Note

Note that sometimes wild card search may not give you results because Google may not have popular keywords for your seed phrase or it violates Google Policy. In that case, Google suggest will provide related suggestions that are different from your seed phrase.

Keep practicing and you will get a hang of it. So hopefully this answers your question on what is Google Suggest. More importantly, you now know how to use Google Suggest for keyword research.

Additional Note

There is a Keyword Tool based on Google Suggest and many others. Seems nifty in first look. However, it generates lots of unusable keywords and so many of them. So it is recommended to not use such tools as there are better ways for keyword research. It is wiser to use Google suggest only to get popular variations of your EXISTING keyword.

Please let us know in comments if you may have any further questions and thoughts.

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