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SEO Keyword Research: Tricks to Find Most Valuable Niche Keywords

Keyword research is the most important activity. Most people develop excellent keyword research skills over time. However, here are three tricks to find the most valuable niche keywords that most people are not aware of.

Find What Keywords are Popular Among Users on Google

You may use Google suggest to find out exactly what people are looking for as you type the keyword. Google suggest gives you predictions (their term for suggestions) about the contents you might be looking for, based on what is popular. This is immensely helpful as it shows you what keywords are popularly used by people to find products/services in your niche. And you may create content and webpages around those popular keywords.

google suggest

Google Suggest in Action

Most people have used this feature normally as keyword research method before. But most people do not know how to utilize it to the fullest and get more relevant keyword predictions from Google suggest as you type what you are researching.

To get more out of Google suggest, use wild card. The underscore or asterisk * are used as Google suggest wildcard.


google suggest wildcard placement variation

google suggest fat 4



Sometimes wild card search may not give you results because there is not enough accumulated data by Google. In that case Google suggest will provide related suggestions that are different from your keyword. Read in detail about Google Suggest tool.

Steal Your Competitor’s Webpage’s Keywords

Use This Search Operator To Find The Competition

You need to see exactly the pages which are optimized for a particular keyword. The normal search may show you pages ranking only because the website’s authority is very high. Also normal search results are usually customized to your search beahvior and not because it is optimized. How to find the actual search results for a particular keyword?

The SEO element which is always optimized for keyword is the Title of webpage. The title of a webpage is usually displayed at the top of the browser window and in the first line of Google’s search results for a page. The author of a website specifies the title of a page with the HTML TITLE element. And there’s always only one title in a webpage.

Use Allintitle: search operator to find the particular keyword in title of webpages. When using allintitle: in your search, do not include any other search operators.

SEO Keyword Research: Tricks to Find Most Valuable Niche Keywords

So this is how you get the list of the competition in your niche. Move on to next step.

Side Note: If a keyword has 100,000 searches a month (seems lucrative) and you do allintitle:your keyword search on google and there are 500,000 results, then it is a crowded, competitive niche. Chances are that there are a good number of high authority sites competing. Read here how to determine how competitive is first page rank and if you can beat them.

Steal The Competitor’s Keyword

Google Keyword Planner has a feature that allows you to enter a URL to see which keywords people are using to arrive at the site. It is expected to use for your own webpage. But you may enter any webpage. Google made stealing easy.

Navigate to  Google Keyword Planner and enter your competitor’s URL into the “Your landing page” field. click “Get ideas”:

keyword research stealing competitors keywords

It is important to focus on the Ad Group ideas instead of individual keyword volume because you want to look at the complete list of keywords people are using to reach the page.

Moreover, Ad Groups represent intent of these searches. Pick the Ad Group most relevant to intent of your future webpage.keyword research stealing competitors keywords ad group ideas


This is just an idea to get the potential set of keywords. The rest of the keyword research process will follow normally. Google these keywords and see what’s already ranking on page 1.

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