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2. Instagram Marketing Strategy

Instagram is a great platform for telling your visual story and engaging with your consumers. In this section, you’ll learn Instagram marketing strategies to connect with an active audience and generate highly-targeted traffic. But first, let’s see how some popular brands are using Instagram.

Brands using InstagramBrands deploy their Instagram Marketing Strategy

Wondering how businesses are using Instagram to grow their brands? Many brands use the platform to share Instagram-worthy photos that help increase their brand awareness and entice followers to do business with them.

  • National Geographic gives its network of photographers permission to share photos from their assignments to its Instagram account. This entices followers to visit its website and discover more.
  • Red Bull uses Instagram to showcase their cool products and share photos from some of the events they host.
  • To help connect with its audience of foodies and health nuts, Whole Foods shares beautiful food porn which is sure to make them hungry.
  • Through Instagram, AirBnB shares beautiful images of their listings and regularly highlights their community.
  • To help keep their brand at the front and centre of their Instagram audience, Oreo showcase their creativity by making artistic images with Oreos in them.

Instagram Marketing Strategy to Gain Organic Traffic

Let’s look at effective ways to generate quality traffic from this social channel.

Instagram Marketing Strategy

  1. Have a Clear Plan

Just like any other social media marketing endeavor, you need a clear Instagram marketing strategy to successfully get traffic from the platform.

Start by determining who your target audience is and why they’re on Instagram. Also, know your purpose on Instagram, understand what you want to share and when you’re going to share. Finally, you’ll need to understand analytics and what works for your target audience.

  1. Create an Epic Instagram Profile

Your Instagram bio is where you can introduce your brand, make a first impression and drive direct traffic to your website or product.

Make sure your Instagram name and username clearly identify your business or brand. This will make it easy to be found when users search for you on Instagram.

You also want your Instagram profile picture and bio description to be relevant and appealing to your audience. Let your personality show through your profile so you can connect better with people.

Your Instagram profile is the only place you’re allowed to include a link back to your homepage, product page, blog or landing page. So make sure you make good use of this.

In summary, your Instagram profile can include:

  • Name and contact information like email address, location or phone number
  • Link to your website, blog, or a specific page or product
  • Usernames for your other social profiles you want to promote
  • Any branded hashtags you might have
  1. Build Your Following and Engage Your Audience

Once you have your profile set up and ready, your next step should be to build your following and increase engagement with your target audience. Due to its visual appeal, Instagram is a prime channel to grow your community and drive traffic and sales for your business.

instagram marketing strategy

Below are ways to effectively drive followers to your Instagram account and keep people engaged with your brand.

  • Post High Quality Photos

Since Instagram is an image-centric platform, it only makes sense to post beautiful images that will make people take an interest and want to connect with you. Share creative, professional images that are unique, attention-grabbing and full of personality. You can use Instagram’s editing features to enhance your photos and make them stand out.

  • Use Hashtags to Widen Your Reach

By including the right hashtags along your photos, you will expand your reach beyond just your followers. People will discover your photos or videos when they search for keywords and topics using the hashtags.

To get the most benefit from hashtagging, do a keyword research and use relevant hashtags that describe your business and are being searched on Instagram. Use tools like Webstagram and IconoSquare to find hot and relevant hashtags.

  • Be Active and Engage Your Audience

A study by Forrester, found out businesses that post frequently have an average engagement rate of 2.3% compared to only 0.2% on Facebook and 0.02% on Twitter. Instagram is a social platform first and foremost. So be open, active and engage with your audience to promote good feelings.

Try to post content regularly, like and comment on other people’s posts, and respond when others comment on your posts. Also, follow people, ask questions and invite conversation to increase engagement. You can simply ask people to like your post and follow you as well.

  • Offer Instagram Exclusive Content

Give people a reason to follow you on Instagram by sharing content that people cannot find on your other social media channels. Share images, videos, promotions and discounts that are exclusive to your Instagram account.

  • Write Effective Captions

To boost engagement and encourage responses from your followers, write direct and interesting image captions that will make people take a closer look at your posts and want to participate.

You can include questions and call-to-actions, or emphasize what’s in the image to hook the attention of your followers.

  • Run or Promote Contests on Instagram

Instagram contests are a great way to boost engagement and get more followers. There are many different kinds of Instagram contests you can run depending on your niche. Some popular types include “Like” to win contests, photo contests of “selfies”, hashtag contests, photo contests with voting, photo contests via your website and more.

To expand your reach and increase engagement, you can set certain conditions for users to be entered into the contest. For example, you can ask Instagram users to like a post or share images and videos using a contest-specific hashtag. If you have a landing page for your contest, include the URL in your Instagram bio so users can easily find it.

  • Promote Your Events on Instagram

Instagram is a great platform to create buzz and engagement about your event, as well as spur traffic to your website.

Just like contests, include a URL to your event’s landing page so that users can visit your website for more information. Furthermore, when users ask questions about the event, make sure you respond to each to promote good feelings and boost engagement.

  • Share Behind-the-Scenes Photos

By sharing behind the scenes photos or videos, your fans and followers will feel close or more attached to your brand. So instead of just showing your products or services, provide your followers a glimpse of the story behind your business.

  • Use Popular Filters

Instagram offers digital photographic filters that users can apply to their photos to make them creative and stylish. Obviously, some filters are more favored by Instagram users than others.

By using popular Instagram filters, you can increase the number of views and comments your post receives, and boost your engagement ultimately.

  1. Measure Your Success

Once you start getting some traction on Instagram, you’ll want to analyze the performance of your account to establish what’s working for you and what’s not. This will help you target your approach by focusing on what brings a positive return on your investment.

Use a service like Bitly to track traffic from your Instagram account. By using a Bitly link in your bio, you can see where your traffic is coming from and what times are best to post.

More Instagram Marketing Tips and Tricks

  • Promote Your Instagram Profile on Other Social Networks – Include your Instagram handle on your other social networks and ask your fans or followers on those platforms to connect with you on Instagram as well.
  • Target Your Competitors’ Followers – Attract and engage with your close competitors’ followers by following them, liking and commenting on their posts. Since these people have already shown an interest in your type of product, they are likely to respond by following you back.
  • Schedule your posts for optimal times and easy management of your Instagram throughout the week.
  • Partner with influencers to reach new users and leverage their large number of followers
  • Geotag your posts at particular locations to attract users in those areas
  • Create your own hashtags and encourage people to use them
  • Invite friends from your phone contacts and other social networks you’ve connected
  • Include a URL in your videos to further drive followers to your website
  • Include a call to action on your images or photo captions asking users to click the link in your bio

Instagram Marketing Tools

Instagram tools make it easy for you to build your audience and engage with them. Here are some popular ones to help your Instagram marketing strategy.

  • IconoSquare – Provides insights and analytics of your Instagram account and followers
  • WebstaManage your account and know who and what’s popular on Instagram
  • LaterSchedule and manage your Instagram posts
  • SchedugramManage your Instagram account and schedule posts for any time in the future
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