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Discover How to Get Free Organic Traffic Without SEO

Digital Marketers and trainers unanimously will tell you that SEO is the holy grail of organic traffic. That first two websites on page one receives the most traffic, followed by rest 8 on page one. And that very small amount of organic traffic trickles down to page 2. So far this is true.

Now, they will emphasize that if you are not on page one, you have nothing and that’s a big fat lie. Obviously, without the fear tactics nobody will buy their courses and services on how to rank on page one!

While it is true that SEO works great at getting you organic traffic, but it is a long process in many niches. It takes time and efforts to rank on page one for the keywords.

What will a new website owner do? Most of people have time. They don’t have deep pockets to continue PPC Advertisement campaigns on Facebook, Google and Bing. How to get free organic traffic without SEO in place?

new website launching - Discover How to Get Free Organic Traffic Without SEO

Fortunately, there are many proven ways to achieve it.

Drip Traffic From Your Niche’s Championsdiverted-sign

The best method to drive traffic to your website is the easiest. Drip traffic from the blogs in your niche who receive the good amount of traffic and direct it to your website.

Find the relevant and popular blogs in your niche and look at their posts. Write down a helpful and informational comment adding to what is there in the post or related suggestions that may come handy. And in the end, include your own webpage link which has related and relevant content. This way you get attention of highly targeted audience who are already looking for that topic in that particular niche.

Now, if only there was a tool to alert you, as soon as these blogs publish the articles closely related to your area of interest. In fact, there is such tool by Google called Google alerts. It is a service which alerts you via email if any popular blogs post any articles similar to your own published posts. Also if someone searches for your website, etc. It is very easy to set up Google Alerts.

Use Online Collaboration Platforms To Find People in same Niche

There are websites online where you can share your good content, collaborate with real people in your niche who further share your good posts if they like it. And you share their good content on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter if you like them.

Viral Content Buzz is a good place to get started.

Viral Content Buzz only includes aged, reliable, and real social media profiles on its site. Once you are set up there, and selected the niches you are interested in, you may start sharing other people’s content from your dashboard if you like it. You may report the irrelevant and junk posts. You earn points for sharing other people’s content on social media and you may use those points to promote your own content. This generates good traffic for your website for targeted users.

These are the sites which can help you promote your content and get more traffic. Both paid and free.

Build Relationships with Influencers in Your Niche

Regularly follow, retweet, pin, share contents of influencers in your niche. Regularly comment and add value on their posts. Seeing a random name regularly in notification creates a familiarity for them. Email them with your friendly introduction, mention what you like about their blog, and request them to add a link to your webpage which adds value to their post and explain how it will be a good fit.

Additionally, download and install Check My Links chrome extension. Check every relevant post, article of theirs for 404 links using this extension. If you find any then notify them using email. Introduce yourself, be friendly, and inform them that they are linking to some webpage(s) that are no longer available. Do not forget to mention the precise location of the faulty links, so they can be easily found. Offer few alternatives to replace those links, including your own webpages.

Engage in Online Platforms

Find niche forums, use discussion platforms to share your content to targeted users.

facebook-twitter-reddit-pinterestFor forums, post the relevant articles from your website and encourage a discussion. Ask for feedback. Create quiz on relevant topics and post it along with answers and the link to your relevant webpages

Use Quora to answer questions of people in a well formatted content with links to your relevant webpages. People who are already curious for an answer will visit your website and the CTR is much higher.

Share your content on FacebookMedium, Reddit, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Build your following slowly by keep posting the quality content in relevant categories. And sharing other people’s content that may be useful for your followers. Use Facebook comments on pages and communities to post your website links specific to their niche.

Email Signature is The Most Powerful Tool

Emails have the highest click through rates. Subscribed users are more likely to click on your links. Place links to your social media accounts, website right below your name. This will increase the user engagement on your social media accounts.

email signature Discover How to Get Free Organic Traffic Without SEO

Become a Test Subject

Everyone uses the services, businesses in their own niche. And those businesses and services look for positive reviews, and testimonials. Be their testimonial which they may highlight on
their site along with link to your website. It will generate free organic traffic to your website without any SEO.verified-testimonial-discover-how-to-get-free-organic-traffic-without-seo

If you use a service in your niche which benefited you, then send them an email detailing how you used their product. Also what it did for you, which features you like, and how it benefited your website. Offer to be the verifiable testimonial. Everyone loves a testimony that can be verified!

Do not just read the article. Practice and learn how to get free organic traffic without SEO. Hopefully, these tips will help you achieve your goals.

About the Author Rajat Khanna

I am a full-time SEO consultant, blogger, and social media marketer. When I am not busy working, I let myself into reading, Netflix, and gaming. My long-term goal is to enable people in online marketing space with respectable passive income.