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Why This Website Exists?

I got into SEO because of my brother. He has been writing content, creating Wikipedia pages for last 6 years. He has been successful in generating extra-income through his hard work besides a regular job which has helped him buy a condominium and a car. That and along with my interest in challenges that digital marketing offers, I took the plunge. When I started my digital marketing journey, I paid for online courses, expensive classes. I also relentlessly searched for guides, systems, information on Internet. All this exercise made me realize two very important things (or lessons)

  • There is no free guide, books, structured content anywhere. Scattered information, yes. But structured, no. The paid courses by biggest of names are mostly hook-and-bait with no real content and mostly fluff. Most courses are expensive, ranging from 700 USD to 9,000 USD. I paid 4,000 USD that I thoroughly regret now.

I have great respect for the internet marketers. All prominent internet marketers’ blogs are very informative and helpful. However, their free guides are a funnel marketing to hook you up to paid ones. The content in there is usually aesthetically pleasing but thin. I’m sure their paid courses have got some value but they usually don’t justify their price.  A lot of Internet Marketers are generating 6 figure income through selling to people who need help but never get any results or value from them. And on top of it most just share a bunch of junk that works for selling on the front end but nothing of value on the inside. Don’t get me wrong. Good courses exist but nobody gives you complete picture for their own reasons, intentional or otherwise.

What we will do for you

At Digital Quark, I believe that knowledge should be mostly free and affordable. I will constantly bring you the latest in the world of internet marketing in form of articles, guides, and tutorials. Right from the beginners level to expert. Begin your journey with us today. Rest assured, you won’t find better knowledge and content in $9,000 classes. No fake pre-recorded “live webinars”, no fluff, no fake promises.

We will also provide various SEO services including press releases, backlink building, guest posting, local SEO. Also, the social media marketing services, sales funnels on Facebook, Twitter, etc. All these at highest quality and lowest price.

Best regards,

Rajat Khanna